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We guarantee that you and your instructor will be the only individuals present in our space at any one time, offering you a full choice of all equipment without distractions or interruptions

There's no safer place to exercise than our studio. We go above and beyond in our cleaning protocols and use of UV Light sanitizers and top of the line air purifiers

Full Service Pilates, Core Align Training, Strength Training, Hands on Stretch, Body Sustainability using the Yamuna Body Rolling Method.

We are all about 

This is an excellent place to practice Pilates. The newly renovated studio has been designed with care and has all the equipment necessary to enjoy a varied and challenging routine. The owners have taken every precaution to keep you safe and to make your workouts interesting. They truly care about their clients and will always train you in a way that is best for you.

Luisa F

Pilates for Every Body has been an incredible experience for me I've gotten stronger--my bones are stronger, my muscles are stronger and my will is stronger. I truly look forward to my sessions and I recommend Pilates for Every Body to everybody!!   


I asked Alison to do an online session with me since I regularly do Pilates in NYC due to back issues. Because of the COVID-19 closures, I have not been able to exercise for 2 weeks. Alison did an outstanding online training with me and I felt much better afterward.  She made corrections and lead the workout in an orderly sequence,  and even though it was a remote session it was a vigorous workout. I would not hesitate to do a private in person session in the future.

Vincent Y


I am an 85 year old woman who has been told she is in good shape for her age. I attribute this to my Pilates and strength training regimen with Charlene. She and co-owner and instructor Alison are dedicated to keeping their clients in the best of health and fitness- which means personal training geared to individual needs. I have been going to Pilates for Every Body for over 10 years and still going strong!

Barbara B

Fitness, Post Rehab and Posture Improvement

There's no other form of exercise that focuses on posture like Pilates. Learning how to lift up, elongate, and stand taller is most important in protecting your health and avoiding injury. Pilates teaches you how to use your abs BEYOND THE CRUNCH. A strong and stable core will reduce compression in the spine and subsequent back pain.

If you are recovering from an injury and have completed physical therapy, we are here to guide you through safe, intelligent, and enjoyable movement. 

Our Unique Approach to Wellness

At Pilates for Every Body you will find experienced instructors who are well-versed in Pilates, Strength Training, Body Work and Flexibility Training. We treat you as an individual, and create an exercise training program that gives you what you need. We are unique in offering MORE than the usual Pilates equipment. You'll find contemporary reformers, a traditional classical reformer, the Cadillac, both contemporary and classical Pilates chairs, Ladder Barrel and Small Barrels and the Core Align. The Core Align is a new piece of equipment developed in the last ten years that combines Pilates principles with physical therapy attributes. Our unique approach to training ensures that you will get the most out of your exercise experience to achieve your goals.

Low Bone Density Concerns

We are experts in working with clients with Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. We understand how to modify exercises in the Pilates repertoire for those with bone density issues, and also understand which exercises and movements are most important to focus on to achieve optimal results.

We are a Pilates studio with MORE!

Take advantage of all the opportunities to improve your health and fitness 


Our wide range of Pilates equipment includes the most classical style reformer and the most contemporary to reflect the wide range of Pilates training we offer to suit each individual client. The Cadillac, High Chair, Ladder Barrel, Wunda Chair and Ped a Pul allow you the opportunity to fully experience Pilates training to the fullest. 

Strength Training Private Sessions in person and virtually

You will find TRX, free weights, vibration machines and all forms of rubberized resistance to help you gain muscle mass and bone density.

Core Align

The Core Align stimulates core stability muscles to work in unison to improve gait, strength and movement patterns. The Core Align was created by a Physical Therapist and Pilates Instructor and applies Pilates principles to a variety of standing postures. 

Yamuna Body Rolling  Virtual Classes and Private Sessions

Yamuna Body Rolling begins with bone stimulation and moves from the bone into tendons and muscles. Specially designed balls are used to help  joints feel more open and more stable. Specifically addresses hips, shoulders, lower and upper back, and neck areas.   This program can be done in a class or private session. We can also teach you how to do this work at home.

Yamuna Foot Fitness and Hand Health Programs and Classes

Feet are the foundation of the body and the unique Yamuna Foot Fitness program improves foot function and increases mobility and stability of the feet, positively affecting all of the joints above.  Whether  or not you have specific foot issues, you will feel the results right away.

Hands on Stretch and
Yamuna Table Treatment

Experience the benefits of the Yamuna work with a Table Treatment as the practitioner works to ease joint restrictions. 

We also offer Hands on Stretch sessions which can be combined in a single session with a Yamuna Table Treatment.

Home Programs

We routinely offer our clients customized home programs to continue the work they do with us at the studio. 

Pilates Chair Rental with virtual Training

Work out at home virtually and on your ow with our newest program